Wake Up Like An Animal

Ever watch your pet wake from a sleep? There is usually a ritual of stretches before they go on their way. Most animals stretch themselves out first to get the circulation going and the body limber. Here are simple stretches that can be done right from the bed. Remember to ‘wake up like an animal’ for your body to be ready for the tasks ahead and for the day to be off to a great start!

Full Body Stretch
While lying flat, extend your arms overhead and stretch the tips of your fingers and point your toes in opposite directions. Hold for a few seconds. This releases tightness throughout the entire body which can form during sleep.

Figure Four Stretch
Next, stay lying flat and put your ankle on the opposite bent leg at the knee. This stretch helps lubricate the hip joints, thighs and glutes. Hold for a few seconds and be sure to stretch both sides.

Knees to Chest
Next, bring both bent legs far into your chest. This stretch is commonly done in Pilates and helps the low back and stimulates the mind and body connection.

Supine Twist
Now, bring bent legs to one side of the body while arms are outstretched and head is looking over opposite shoulder. This twist increases circulation and stretches the spinal muscles.

Bed To Floor Stretch
Sit up at the edge of the bed and bend your head to the floor with your hands reaching the floor and your back rounded. This helps stretch the back and brings a supply of oxygen to the brain.

Slowly stand up and raise your arms to reach for the stars. Now, you are ready to start your day!

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